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It is probably that such an individual hails from a household which is properly to do and distinguished. It'd even be doable that such a person begins his life in a means which is promising, and plentiful in opportunities. However he might experience a decline in his life, and will even over time disappear right into a life which is immaterial.

A culture additionally manufactures social products, and among the most essential social products it generates embrace its own cultural id, and the social and private identities of its constituent group and particular person members. Africans must confidently construct and recreate their own culture from the remnants of the tradition that they've at this time. This Hub is a motivation for such actions that have to be carried out by Africans of South Africa to begin to rebuild their people who are steeped in dysfunction and confusion.

At some point, the ex-colonized internalize these myths and feel ashamed. In essence, the challenging process of reappropriating their culture and history couldn't be achieved through the language that negated their actuality and tried to eradicate their very own means of communication (Freire).

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Because of this leaning was accomplished through the word and motion required in relation to the spoken and oral traditions and meanings That African South African culture, customs and tradition weren't valid nor exist as a result of they weren't written, then that is debunked by the the details as doled out by Ong that, "Writing, commitment of the word to area, enlarges the potentiality of language almost beyond measure, restructures ideas, and within the process converts a certain dialects into 'grapholects: a 'grapgpolet' being a transdialectial language fashioned by deep dedication to writing: writing offers a 'grapholet' power far exceeding that of any purely oral dialect"quoted above-and re-quoted once more.